Saturday, 11 February 2017

My birthday and a funny story

Funniest birthday ever!!!

It was a funny day for me when I turned a good girl from a naughty boy  , and that day was my birthday. My mom and dad gifted me a special statue of my face and my brother a toy car .That was awesome . I ate a pizza ,a  burger ,three pieces of cake and my stomach was full...Burrrrb.. oops sorry!I could not even move after eating so much. Ha,ha,ha,ha. Oh that was amazing.That time I notice that I forgot to tell you who all came ,my best friend Meher , my frenemy Aryev and my school friends Saachi ,Anya,Aarya  and many other friends.  And at that time my mother saw a rat ,she is really afraid of animals. My father was throwing water on it and I think that the poor rat caught a cold but my father  finally  caught  him . I forgot to mention what all gifts I got . Aryev  gave me a princess drawing kit , how silly was that, a boy giving girly gifts ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.Then Meher gave me a  pony doll set and Saachi  gave me a globe. I asked her why she gave a globe and she told that when she came to my house for a sleepover she saw my table didn't have anything I could learn from and she thought she should give me a globe. I was seriously happy .That was the party at home now let me tell you what happened at school. The party at school was amazing  too ,I clicked a photo with my  friend Saachi  and the time I got the cake to eat Saachi ,Anya and Aarya stole all my icing  and only left the cake for me . I was angry and was almost going to cry at the same time,but that was the best birthday ever for me living the icing part. The funny thing if the next day I went school I spanked Saachi,Anya and Aarya  for the mistake they did . I was happy after that and almost forgot they stole my icing. I thoroughly enjoyed it .  

 My birthday cake from which Saachi,Anya,Aarya stole the icing


Me and my friend Saachi(Saachi is the one on the left)