Saturday, 9 December 2017

My Experience

  1. Packing and shifting: It was really amazing to hear that we are shifting to America.Our father had already left.We had 3 weeks to pack the whole house.It was a lot of work but we had fun.Can you believe we used 150+ meters of bubble rap and we spent 1500 rupees( Indian currency) for the rapping the whole house.(1 rupee =64 cents)(1500 rupees=23.119 dollars)
  2. My Journey of first time sitting in the plane:
When we reached the airport (Mumbai International Airport),it was really fun looking at the planes from out side , which were taking off . After  making the boarding passes we went to wait for the plane to arrive,that time me and my brother were given drawing sheets to color.We had so much time we colored two sheets.

 My sheets I colored
on the airport!!

When we were sitting in the plane I could not see any thing outside,cause our flight was of 1:45 am but I could feel the plane taking off and in the morning the sky and the sun was seen in different colors that were orange, pink and blue .It was so beautiful. (We flied by British airways)

2. Landing and Taking off from and to Hithrow Airport,London

 We landed at Hithrow airport ,London at 6:50 am and we could not wait to fly to America and meet Papa (My Father). Our next flight that flied us to Raleigh was at 10:30 am and the plane was bigger than the previous one, ( it was a fat plane which me and my brother loved to see 😂😂).

3. Landing to America and our life today

We reached America by 2:00pm (which ,was around 11:30 pm in India) After collecting the bags we met papa and he drove us home from the car he rented.We were so happy coming home and me and my brother could not wait to see the house.We rushed upstairs and started deciding who will take which room.Finally I got the big room and I was very happy .We today are having lots of fun we visited parks and me and my brother have started going to school.(We go to Carpenter Elementary School)(I will put the link to the school down below)I love my class.Next year ,I will be in middle school.I can't wait.Time is passing so quick,don't you think.

* I thank god for giving us this opportunity and I am really happy =)

School link: 😄

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