Friday, 16 December 2016

Life is a ......

The best thing life can give you is ADVENTURE.Adventure as - in not only problems but more adventure and treks.I don't want to life my life becoming an ordinary girl what I want from life is fun  , I want to fly to my dreams . I want to became a bike racer / rider and climb huge mountains, I want to go all around the world.When ever I close my eyes I  always want to shout from the mountain top and tell  the whole world how happy I am and  the most important thing I want to tell is that you can not get everything from life but almost everything.You can share all experiences all thoughts  from life that you can not tell a normal person.The best word for everything is DREAM for me.My dreams that will lead me to my destiny to my lifetime.For example a chocolate will be gone in second but your dreams will be with you till your lifetime.Just keep believe in you  and your dreams .Thing that your dreams come true.

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