Thursday, 1 December 2016



 I always do things my way. I don't bother who cares but I always wonder why do we need presidents and principals? In my thoughts one of day will go my way ,what I want do I'll do ,I will follow my time,but yes I will study but I'll do things that will :

1. Increase my knowledge
2. Enhance  my skills
3. Develop my  action
4. Make my day go the best day in life


1st I got up at six 'o' clock  

 then I went and shout in my brother's ears ''   ARE YOU SLEEPING ?
After that I wake him and if he does not wake I either push him out of the bed or
kick him . Then I  bushed my teeth and drank some milk.I just love drinking milk. After doing that I have my breakfast ,I mostly like egg , fruits , healthy in breakfast.

  Then I took a bath and got ready for school. My bus came at 8:30 am. After reaching school I unpacked my bag but first I noticed that the whole class was empty that means I am the first one to be in class then I took a piece of paper from the cupboard and made  beautiful flowers for class decoration .

Then I took all my books and corrected,cross checked,completed it.I saw it was lunch time  so I took my lunch and started eating,I got that same old  Indian bread (roti) and vegetables, Dal(Pluse but in food) and
After finishing my lunch I made some charts like:

1. English - Figures of speech : Simile , Metaphor , Hyperbole.

2. Maths - Fractions

3 . U.O.I (Something like scince that was in my school)- Mass media

by the time I finished all 3 charts it was home time I quickly packed my bag and when I was putting my dairy in my bag I saw that THE WHOLE WEEK WILL BE  A  HOLIDAY.

I wish that never happens with me but yes in my dreams.

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  1. I love your idea of my day my way. Good going Athena